Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

A Few Days Before

Scene: Early in the morning. Josh and I are lying in bed and we are both half awake.

Me: You won't believe what I dreamt about!

Josh: Mmph?

Me: We got married!

Josh: *groans*

Me: And hardly anyone was there! And the whole thing was weirdly unstressful and matter of fact and normal.  Except that we were married. I kept having to remind myself that we were married, because it somehow just seemed like part of the stuff we do everyday already. It was actually really nice.

We drift back off to sleep.

Valentine's Day

Scene: North Head, some time in the afternoon. Josh and I are sitting on a bench looking down at the harbour and the islands and the boats flitting past. He's reading Transport for Suburbia, I'm reading The Crowded Shadows.

Josh: Do you want your Valentine's Day present now?

Me: Sure! 

Josh pulls out a small box and hands it to me. Even before I open it I'm lightheaded, shaking.

Inside there's a small, perfect ring with a stone the same colour as the sea.


Josh: It's an engagement ring.

Me: I know.  

*puts ring onto ring finger* 

*snuggles Josh*

*says soppy stuff that I'm not repeating on a public blog*

*feels even more lightheaded*

Josh: I take it that's a yes then?

Me: Yup.

Josh: Are you sure that's the finger it's meant to go on?


So, dear internet, I am engaged. Engaged. It's weird, because in one sense I've been engaged to Josh forever, but just as an Inside My Head Which Is Often Quite a Crazy Place Anyway Thing. The whole thing being, like, an Actual Thing That I Actually Tell People About is really quite weird. Yesterday it all seemed very unreal. Today it seemed very real indeed and I looked at wedding stuff on the internet when I should have been writing, even though the wedding is at least two years away and I really shouldn't be drooling over wedding stuff yet anyway.

My friends and I sometimes talk about chocolate fish. You know how in the movies, or wherever, a girl has a nasty breakup and her friends all go, 'Never mind. There are plenty of fish in the sea'? Well, we think that while there are plenty of fish, there are very few chocolate fish. Very few indeed.

I have found me my chocolate fish.


Amanda Hannah said...

Congratulations, Leila! That is probably the cutest and sweetest engagement story I've ever heard!!

Anna said...

Oh congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

Keep that chocolate fish as you've got a winner!

Kate Hart said...

a) Yayyy!
b) We have an almost identical picture w/ green bean mustaches, only our oldest is about a year old and sporting one as well. :)
c) Yayyyyy!

Kaitlin Ward said...

Congrats :)
ADORABLE engagement story!

Michelle Schusterman said...

Such a sweet story! Congratulations!!

Mab said...

Aww. Congratulations.

Kristin said...


I love the chocolate fish analogy. Now I will eternally be telling friends that I am looking for my chocolate fish.

Kirsten Hubbard said...

I am sorry I missed this adorable story. Congratulations!!

Leila Austin said...

Thanks everyone! :D