Thursday, October 22, 2009

Difficult patterns across the moon

I would just like to mention that I am not well. So if I have been incoherant anywhere on the internet today, or out in the real world, that's why. 'Not well' meaning I have one of those colds where you feel like the whole world is slowly imploding inside your head. And my lovely recurring goose cough is back and making people turn their heads in the street once more. And I'm not even going to start on the whole snot factory thing. It's all very yuckitty yuck yuck.

You might think I am sick all the time, from this blog, and that is actually not true. Actually. I just have a tendancy to blog when I'm sick, because my computer never shows any sign of getting tired of listening to me. I could invent a new category of blogging. Moaning About Minor Ailments Blogging. (To be known as MAMAB.) Do you think this could take off?

The last few weeks have been really damn hard, for various reasons. Most of them temporary though. Still, I'm basically fighting a den of seething stress snakes, and everytime I nail one, a new one arises with its little tongue flicking. It sometimes reaches a point where I want to give up on being a grown up. But I think things are getting better now. Today was nice. One of the things I love about working in Ponsonby is how every now and then someone wanders into the shop selling something wonderful. Today a guy turned up with huge punnets of new season strawberries and I bought one immediately; they were oddly shaped but delicious.

Right now I'm in the stretch of evening between dinner and sleep. The tv is on and a panel are talking theories about conspiracy theories. I am now trying to think of theories about theories about conspiracy theories. And theories about theories about theories about conspiracy theories. It all feels a bit like what happens when you're a kid and you find a small mirror, then take it over to another mirror and face the two mirrors off into each other.

And somewhere during the last paragraph my dear cat Cali noticed that I am still on the couch under a blanket, and curled up next to me to keep an eye on things. But now she seems to be napping on the job. Both cats gave me a skeptical look when I moved the blanket from the bedroom to the lounge. They never understand when I move things around. Also my cats often feel this need to keep an eye on me, I've noticed, but in doing so they usually become so bored that they go to sleep. Apparently I'm not a particularly entertaining person to watch.

Now! I need to type up the rest of my novel and then I need to edit edit edit it sideways up down left right centre until it gleams and hopefully doesn't put any humans or cats to sleep.


Anna said...

Sometimes I wish I wasn't from the US, when it comes to things like Wal-Mart.

Saw your comment on NB's blog. Hope you're feeling better.

Leila Austin said...

Not to worry! We have K-Mart here in NZ. As far as I know the anonymous chain experience is very similar.

And for all its problems, the US publishing industry is big and broad and fascinating, while NZ publishing is very good but very small. I'm seriously thinking of looking for a US agent when my novel is done, because I don't really know whether there's much of a market for my book here. I am proudly kiwi, but man, sometimes I would love to be from the US. It would save me a heap of trouble.

I'm taking a day off work so I can hang out in bed with my laptop and type my novel with a sleeping cat beside me. My sense of taste has made a return. Feeling much, much better today. Thank you :-)