Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 things to know about Leila (from a tagging on facebook)

1. I like it when everyday things turn dreamlike. I love the way the light looks on Queen St late on a sunny afternoon, when it's deep gold and makes everyone crossing the road glow at the edges.

2. I refuse to eat banana under almost all circumstances. The only exception I make is for my flatmate's banana cake.

3. When I was about five years old, my ideal career choice for when I grew up was to be a professional witch.

4. When I was a few years older, I told other kids at school that I believed in fairies. Not because I ACTUALLY believed in fairies. More because I really deeply wished they were real, and I wanted to will them into reality.

5. This didn't make me particularly popular in primary school.

6. Actually, I was NEVER very popular at school. 

7. A major contributing factor here is the fact that I am not really capable of being 'cool'. I would not recognise 'cool' if we met in the street. 'Cool' and Leila would do that whole stupid dance, you know, the thing where you are walking in opposite directions and you almost collide but don't, and you both go to the left at the same time, then you both go to the right at the same time, and then you smile awkwardly and one of you bolts sideways so that the wretched experience ends and you never have to see each other again.

8. My favourite board game is Cluedo.

9. At the moment I'm reading a book called 'Broken Soup', by Jenny Valentine. It's very good.

10. I am addicted to scarves. Unless it's the middle of summer, I feel weird without a scarf.

11. I don't like heights very much but I somehow managed to go up the Sagrada Familia, St Pauls, the Eiffel Tower and a bunch of other tall buildings in Europe. I was fine every time, if a bit shaky. 

12. Although I didn't make it quite to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

13. The thing that I really REALLY don't like about heights actually is the thought of somehow dropping something from a great height. All you have to do to make me flip out if we're up the top of a high building together is to dangle some random object over the edge of a balcony where it could fall a long way and break and KILL SOMEONE. My brain seriously cannot handle that.

14. I love gourmet burgers with an intensity no one ever understands, including me. Especially if they come from Murder Burger, or Burger Fuel, or the handmade place in Kingsland. Get me dinner from one of those places and I will walk into burning buildings to retrieve your dental floss and be your best friend FOR LIFE.

15. The only thing that beats my burger obsession is my coffee obsession.

16. I work in Ponsonby.

17. Ponsonby is a VERY EXPENSIVE place for me to work. (See 15.)

18. I'm going to learn to drive this year, because I have to. Otherwise life in Auckland is too inconveniant.

19. I would really rather not learn to drive. I hate driving. It makes me stressed and swearwordy and it is bad for the planet. If I lived in London or somewhere like that, I would totally just catch trains everywhere and not bother with cars at all.

20. 'Discombobulate' is one of my favourite words. It somehow sounds like someone is being hit on the head in the middle.

21. My favourite seasons are autumn and spring. Strong temperatures aren't really my thing.

22. I'm skinny and I get cold at the drop of a hat (which probably explains 10). However, because of this I actually find cold a lot easier to deal with. I just put on another layer of clothing and get on with things. Extreme heat just makes me grumpy and tired and worldhating and uncomfortable. I'm really not enjoying Auckland's weather at the moment.

23. I seriously love old houses. I think most architecture post-WWII is pretty overrated.

24. I like alcohol but it tends to make me go to sleep and then wake up craving eggs.

25. I write, and would love it if I could one day earn a living from it. I mostly write novels with magicians, dystopias, painters, psychics and people with dark mysterious pasts. I don't know whether an audience for random Leila-style speculative fiction actually exists, but I guess I'll find out.

Proper posts to come! I promise! In case you want to keep track, I've added a feature for that which should actually WORK. There's an option to become a follower of my blog on the left below the archive and links.

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