Monday, August 28, 2006


We don't really do the soliloquy thing anymore, except in Days of Our Lives. You know, it's the thing where a character turns around and rants at the audience for a while without worrying about looking crazy. No one writes plays that do that, because people have different means of expressing themselves crazily these days. I think blogs are one of them. You write and write and write, and you don't really know who's listening. So anyway, this is my blog, and it's about books and writing and life, because those things all merge into each other for me. This is my attempt at a good soliloquy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So this is how blogs start? Not with a bang, but with confusion and a glowing screen and things to click on. And a desire to say something no matter who hears it. You have to leave a mark on the world somewhere, I suppose. Why not cyberspace?

Friday, August 04, 2006

About Leila

Leila is pronounced Lee-la and is a twenty-something child masquerading as an adult. (She probably has an inner adult buried somewhere, maybe underneath something in her bedroom.) Leila lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently on extended maternity leave from her job in a children's bookshop. She has one handsome fiancĂ©, one baby girl, one stepdaughter, and two manic cats. Also, Leila is a writer. She mostly writes YA fantasy with lots of magic and angst and descriptions of shadows. So writing is probably what a lot of her blogging will be about. And life. They're not really separable.

Leila also blogs at YA Highway.

Need to talk with Leila about anything? Email her at leila.e.austin[at]